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Facebook Application Development
Facebook applications can feature any type of functionality that a regular website page can have. You can now create an application that "lives" on your own server, and feed it to your Facebook fan page or application page.
As a business looking to harness the power or targeting an audience on Facebook, you are no longer restricted by the "old" rules. We can build you a custom Facebook app to do anything you need it to do ! View examples on right side.
Have you considered a social network marketing campaign ? Popular social networking websites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn offer exciting opportunities to market your company’s products and services. Creating a Facebook application or a custom Facebook tab design will allow you to market to a completely new audience with a new angle. Once your branding and messaging is complete, you can create a buzz online using these new forms of social media.

Twitter Backgrounds If you're still using a Twitter default background, then you're losing an opportunity to impact your visitors. A custom Twitter background instantly legitimizes your Twitter profile. Make the right impression with a custom Twitter created specifically for you or your company. Build your brand and your Twitter presence with an attractive and informational Twitter background. Increase your social networking appeal, reach more users, and add more followers by communicating your exact message to every person, every time.

To learn how we can help you create your own custom Facebook applications or Facebook fan page tabs for your business, please contact us


James Falk
Leo's Midway
We are extremely happy with all the work that Andy has done over the years for us starting with our website and now Facebook and Twitter too.

Douglas O'Connor
Garden CIty Merchants Group
Andrew has not only built the Garden City shopping website, but has also been a true friend to the Garden CIty Merchants group and its memebers.