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Every month, thousands of potential customers search online using Google, Yahoo and Bing for products and services just like yours. And 90% of all clicks in searches happen on page one returns, and of those a further 70% are clicks on organic results not paid ads. Therefore we consider organic SEO as an absolute necessity in today’s world of online search, which will only continue to become more important as the market place continues to grow and search engine algorithms change.

Search engine optimization or ‘organic SEO’ is not easy, if it were would you not be on page one in the top position for your keyword choices? Organic SEO work is not easy and is time intensive, starting with keyword research, Meta titles and descriptions, optimized images and text content, on-page work, off-page work and even backlinks.  

SEO Search Engine Optimization

Organic SEO is considered playing the long game as it takes time for the results to truly be revealed, but unlike pay-per-click where when your budget reaches zero your ads disappear, organic SEO stays and only grows stronger over time because one of Google’s ranking factors within its famous algorithm is time or ‘seasoning’. Having said that organic SEO truly requires monthly maintenance as a baseline needs to be established and continuously improved upon, using keyword and analytics analysis, A B testing, content additions, landing page creation and this requires a good six months to a year in order to reveal the best ranking results.

If you are looking to boost your search traffic and increase conversions while improving your ROI (Return on investment) contact AndrewNightingale.com search engine optimization specialists. If you have an existing website we recommend a FREE website audit of your site, then we can make recommendations for improving your search presence, and produce organic SEO work that gets results.


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